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The blog post to end all blog posts…

You may have noticed that I’ve not posted anything on here for some time. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, far from it, lots of exciting things have happened and I’ve been working on quite a diverse range of projects (from iPad games for research to large scale national services). Unfortunately I’ve just been extremely busy and not had time to write anything – our group has shrunk in size but the demand for our services has grown.

The other issue is that the University is currently deciding on the future of this blogging service. It’s used for hundreds of different blogs but there is a cost for running the service (support time and servers etc). At present the service is being reviewed and it may be that it doesn’t continue in its current form. We won’t know for a while yet but it’s not conducive to wanting to add content here at present.

So, for some time, I’ve been taking a slightly different approach with my personal blog where I’ve been posting regular updates of the things I’ve been doing and occasionally posting a longer piece. The ‘update’ blogs posts won’t always mean anything to anyone else but they help me track project progress and the process of continuous improvement in those projects (and personally).

So, for a while at least, I’ll be taking a break from updating this blog.